How to Play Top Trumps Football Stars

  • Select your stake by clicking on the – or + arrows in the ‘Stake’ field.
  • Select ‘Play’ to start the game.
  • From the list on the drawn card, select your stake stat by clicking on a stat on the visible card beside one of the red arrows. For more information on the player, click the ‘i’ icon.
  • To see the players who are in your deck, click ‘Show Deck’. Rollover player images to view card stats. Click on the image to reveal player information.
  • Once you have selected your stat, a card will be drawn to reveal a loss or win. If you win, you keep playing until you cash out or you lose.
  • If the stat you selected is higher than the opponents card’s stat, you win.
  • The higher your stake, the higher your winnings!
  • To view your balance, see the ‘Cashpot’ area.

Special Features

To stop playing and collect your winnings, click ‘Collect’.